MINERAL ELECTRODE - replacement (Click for more info)

<b>MINERAL ELECTRODE - replacement</b> (Click for more  info)
    Code: F-104
    Price: $49.00
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Replacement for spent electrode (replace when 'pencil thin', or about 1/4 inch at the thinnest point....at the latest, replace before the electrode dissolves into two pieces); Average life 1-2 seasons or 1 year (depending on pool size, conditions, length of season, etc); Features specially developed and unique mineral alloy; Comes with 2 thumbscrews (one as spare) which hold the basket on. Important Note: BEWARE OF KNOCKOFF FACSIMILIES / COPIES OF OUR GENUINE PARTS (such as the "solar-clear" brand .... MADE IN CHINA; CLAIMS SUCH AS "MORE WEIGHT" FOR THE MONEY ARE MISLEADING (bogus); AMONG OTHER THINGS, THE CHEAP COPIES DO NOT CONTAIN SILVER IN THE ALLOY - WHICH AFFECTS PERFORMANCE IN A NEGATIVE WAY. INSIST ON ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT AND MANUFACTURE PARTS FOR THE BEST RESULTS. FREE SHIPPING! (US addresses served by US mail only)