"The Floatron works great. Itís saved me thousands. I love it!"
William S

"I see you donít have a testimonial from Washington state, so I wanted to give one...

We moved into our new house with a pool four months ago. I was shocked by my first visit to AquaQuip, where I spent $ 80 for chemicals that would only last one month. I thought there must be a better way and went hunting on the internet. I was fortunate to find Floatron. Our 15,000 gallon pool lies in the shade most of the day and gets a constant rain of fir needles, spiders, and beetles. Weíve had sparkling clear pool water and easy maintenance with the Floatron and a bit of chlorine. Thanks"

The floatron is the original, portable, and floating solar powered water purifier, leading the way for hundreds of thousands of satisfied pool owners worldwide. It is so good in fact, that similar and knockoff products are now appearing in the marketplace..... but don't fall for a lesser quality look-alike. Insist on the genuine article, made in USA, with exceptional customer support which is backed by 25 years of knowledge. You deserve the best water to swim in..... so learn how the floatron can provide quality and value to your benefit and enjoyment.