Miscellaneous/Internet CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS

"I have found this method of keeping a pool clean with cristal clear water to be extraordinarily excellent!! Many thanks and best regards,"
Patrick w

"Happy customer for as long as I have had a pool!"
Amanda B

"We are just finishing our ELEVENTH summer with our Floatron. It is refreshing to have something so useful actually last. It has saved us so much money in chlorine. And friends who are allergic to chlorine can swim in our pool! We love it! Ordering new mineral heads is so easy. Everything about this product has been a plus. Thanks for everything!!"
Mary C

"Thank you so much, by the way you guys have an awesome product!"
Audra W

"I love the way it works and recommend it to anyone I know with a pool. My pool stays perfectly clear, no matter how much rain we get or how hot it gets or how many people swim in the pool. I Love it. It is perfect for first time pool owners like ourselves. My pool has NEVER once gotten cloudy using this."
Felicia W

"I bought my floatron in the early 1990's and it is the best thing I have ever purchased. I recommend it to everyone that tells me how clean my in ground pool is."

"I have been using my Floatron for 3 yrs now. My granddaughter can now swim in my pool without getting an ear infection. My pool stays clear and clean all season long."

"Thank you so much! Just wanted to let you know what a GREAT product you have! This is out 3rd year using the Floatron and maintaing our pool could not be easier! Before we installed our pool, my husband's coworker told us about the Floatron and we decided to give it a try. While most of our friends spend their weekends taking water samples to the pool store and buying those expensive chemicals, we are enjoying our pool!"
Reed & Jill Billings

"Just wanted to let you know that my Floatron arrived! This is my first experience with Floatron and I can't wait to see the results! Thank you for such an innovative, American made, product."

"Thanks for producing a product that saves me money and time, is durable, (i bought my floatron in 1989 or 1990), helps the environment and just as important you have left a good design alone. You have not made my old floatron obsolete. The electrode is the same as it was 20 years ago."
Greg Penniston

"My brother purchased a floatron from your company three years ago and for two years he had been telling me about this "thing" his wife had got and that i needed to check it out, well at the beginning of last year i had to replace my liner and my brother stopped by, in our conversation he brought up the "thing" again and he explained it in a little more detail, and to be quite honest it sounded a little "to good to be true", but with him telling me first hand his experience using the floatron i had to get me one, so i got on your website , thinking the whole time looking at your page that if i just happened to run across your site that it would be awfull hard to think i would get up off of $300.00 for a gysmo, just to try it , not knowing whether it would work or not. let's face it, as they say if it sounds to good to be true it probably is, and the world is full of gysmos promising results. Well, not only does it work ,but i can't imagine anyone having a pool without one!!!!"
David Henderson

"I have been using the Floatron system now for 2 years. Before I started using the Floatron I was spending mass amounts of money on chemicals and salt, and I still had algae. Algae would form on one wall and in all the corners of the pool and nothing I would do besides constantly brushing would keep it at bay. I have a 45' x 55' pool that is 9' deep and it is no fun brushing. With the use of the Floatrons I only brush every other month and let the pool vac do the rest. I have not seen any algae in rain or shine since initial install. I was very worried in the beginning weather spending for 2 units would do the trick, but from the advice of the Floatron staff that is what I purchased. I figure I have saved 5 times there cost over the past 2 years and am looking forward to another year of saving. Everybody that comes over remarks how clear the water is and how clean the pool is A true fan."
Chip Romano

So far-very pleased!

"We've hadthe Floatron 2 months, and so far we are very, very pleased. We have a couple of chlorine pellets in a floating dispenser, and that's it other than the Floatron. We've not added a drop of liquid chlorine since we put in the flotron, and after the first week or two, we only put the floatron in 3-6 hrs a week. There's no taste, and no burning of the eyes, which our grandchildren love. Like I said, so far we're very happy."

"Easiest summer ever keeping pool clean!"

"I wasn't real sure this thing would work, but after using it for the full summer, I can say that I love it. It made my pool chemical maintenance almost zero. Since this is floating around and working as long as the sun is shining, then my pool is getting what it needs. I have completely quit using the in-line feeder I had. My pool is 20000 gallons, so I just leave the Floatron in all the time, but that just made it easier on me. HUGE cost savings this year!!! Enough savings that the Floatron easily paid for itself in the first year! I have a robot cleaner also, so my summer of enjoying the pool was exactly that, enjoying the pool. Easy to clean. I highly recommend this unit! Yes, you may be skeptical just like I was, but after reading some of the reviews, I figured "what the heck", and am very glad that I made the purchase!"

"I started out just shocking the pool for the ph and dropped the floatron in and it worked like they said it would.Cheap to use, just use a clorine tab when needed.I clean the floatron once a week and no algae at all. The electron is not hard to keep clean, I've found a copper scrub pad is easyer to use on the coil. The ph stays within normal limits so no other chemicals are needed."

"I have and will continue to recommend this product to people! It has completely eliminated algae growth and the need for so many chemicals. I used to struggle daily to keep the water stable so the kids could swim. This year since I bought the Floatron we can swim every day--weather permitting. I highly recommend this to everyone!

Floatron is GREAT !!"

"Pays for itself in no time at all ! Well worth the investment."

"I recently purchased the FLOATRON for my home pool. It has kept my water algae free and sparkling clear!! I LOVE IT !!! It is well worth the investment and money !! I have to do almost zero work/maintenance on my pool now. I do not worry about algae problems at all now; I used to worry about them daily !!! I can enjoy my pool daily without the hassle and worry of measuring chemicals and trying to rid it of algae. I have saved $$ so much money already and only purchased it this summer!!!!!! I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone who has a pool."
The floatron is the original, portable, and floating solar powered water purifier, leading the way for hundreds of thousands of satisfied pool owners worldwide. It is so good in fact, that similar and knockoff products are now appearing in the marketplace..... but don't fall for a lesser quality look-alike. Insist on the genuine article, made in USA, with exceptional customer support which is backed by 25 years of knowledge. You deserve the best water to swim in..... so learn how the floatron can provide quality and value to your benefit and enjoyment.