floatron solar powered water purifier (Click for more info)

<b>floatron</b>      solar powered water purifier (Click for more  info)
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    LOVE YOUR WATER ! IF YOU HAVEN'T OWNED ONE PREVIOUSLY, or IF YOU HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT IT BEFORE; or MAYBE YOU HAVE BEEN LONGING FOR A floatron :).....or IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST EXPOSURE TO OUR FINE PRODUCT.....THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED NOW FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR POOL. COMES COMPLETE WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GET UP AND GO: the floating unit, mineral electrode, basket, 2 thumbscrews (including a spare), ion test kit, cleaning brush, operating instructions. One floatron can handle a pool up to approx. 30xxx - 35xxx gallons. FREE SHIPPING (USA addresses only) please note: NO INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ONLINE; CALL OR EMAIL THE FACTORY TO FIND OUT THE CLOSEST floatron DEALER IN YOUR COUNTRY.