MINERAL ELECTRODE - replacement (Click for more info)

<b>MINERAL ELECTRODE - replacement</b> (Click for more  info)
    Code: F-104
    Price: $49.00
    Quantity in Basket: None
    Replacement for spent electrode (replace when 'pencil thin', or about 1/4 inch at the thinnest point....at the very latest, replace before the electrode dissolves into two pieces); Average life 1-2 seasons or 1 year (depending on pool size, conditions, length of season, etc); Features specially developed and unique mineral alloy consisting of copper, silver, & zinc. Comes with 2 thumbscrews (one as spare) which hold the basket on. Important Note: BEWARE OF KNOCKOFF FACSIMILIES / COPIES OF OUR GENUINE PARTS ( ....MADE IN CHINA; CLAIMS SUCH AS "MORE WEIGHT" FOR THE MONEY ARE OUTRIGHT 'LIES' AND MISLEADING (bogus); AMONG OTHER THINGS, THE CHEAP COPIES DO NOT CONTAIN SILVER OR ZINC IN THE ALLOY - WHICH AFFECTS PERFORMANCE IN A VERY NEGATIVE WAY. OVERALL LENGTH IS TPYICALLY TOO SHORT FOR THE floatron.... SIMILAR TO WEARING PANTS UP TO YOUR KNEES.  INSIST ON ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT AND FACTORY MANUFACTURED PARTS FOR THE BEST RESULTS. FREE SHIPPING! (US addresses served by US mail only)